Perskindol Active Spray Muscle & Joints Pain Relief 150ml

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Muscle and joint Pain Relief Spray with a unique dual action.

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Adults and children 6 years and above: Shake before use. Use a small amount of pressure to spray in a circle on the affected area. Spray from a minimum distance of 15cm.


lsopropyl Alcohol, Water, Menthol, Pine Needle Oil (Scotch), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Oil (Orange Oil), Wintergreen Oil (contains metylsalicylate), Bergamot Oil and lemon Oil, Terpineol, Terpineol Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Benzyl Benzoate, Rosemary Oil and lavender Oil, Geraniol, Citronellol, limonene, Citral, linalool.

Propellants Propane/Butane

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Weight0.16 kg
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 18.2 cm

16 reviews for Perskindol Active Spray Muscle & Joints Pain Relief 150ml

  1. Kristina Wieland

    My mum introduced me to this product.
    It so easy to use, it works straight away, and lasts a long time.

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    I really like the cooling relief and especially how quickly the product soaks in with massaging, with no oily residue or clammy feeling.

  3. Vlad

    Really impressed with how quickly it is absorbed and leaves no sticky feeling like other competing brands. The dual action heating and cooling affect was nice, and the scent is also much more pleasant than other similar products!

  4. Sara

    Really loved this product. It absorbed really quickly and the cooling affect helped with the pain. Highly recommend.

  5. Edward (verified owner)

    I had been in a lot of pain from cramps but as the other reviewers have stated the spray works. It gave me instant relief and i have not had to use it again.

  6. Janice (verified owner)

    I am really happy with the spray. I use it on my back, legs and foot it helps with my pain. Also happy with gel as well

  7. Jenna Sing

    The spray version of this product is fantastic. Quick and easy to apply with instant pain relief. Highly recommend this product!

  8. Carolyn Jackson

    Brilliant product as someone who has chronic pain. I carry it with me every day.

  9. Hazelle Webster-Costella

    This is my go to product. I use this with every pre- and post- training session . I Walsh make sure to have this in my training backpack or race bag. I love how convenient it is, easy to use and quick application. impressed with the efficiency it’s absorbed into the muscles.
    Love the no sticky feeling post application. Highly recommend.

  10. Katie

    Highly recommend. I do hours or training and this helps a lot with muscle soreness. Easy to apply and no strong smell.

  11. Benn Coubrough

    The Spray has work well and been really convenient while travelling to and from training. Have it . The instant cooling effect and soothing of the muscles has been a great addition to my recovery. Also been great to have in my drop bag for ultra trail races to spray during the race, especially in the later parts of the 100 or 160km races.

  12. Tina He

    I love using the spray when I am on the go and need something quick and easy. It provides an instant cooling effect and helps to sooth muscle soreness after a workout. I use it as part of my recovery from my run workouts and it helps me feeling fresh beofre my next workout

  13. Janeen

    I love Perskindol because of the fact it is plant based. The Spray is quick and easy, which I love and has been a great addition to my pre and post workouts.

  14. Melissa Huizer

    WOW! Love the no mess, no fuss ease of the spray. I suffer from oedema as a result of scar tissue on my legs and this product is the only thing that has worked. My legs no longer ache at night! The only problem I have is not having come across this amazing spray sooner

  15. Chelsea Simpson

    I love the ease of application with this product. I also much rather the smell of this over other products on the market. Perskindol bringing home the goods again!

  16. Andrew L

    My wife steals my magic spray from me all the time. She uses it most nights to soothe chronic back pain. The spray gets better coverage for large areas than the gel. It dries really quickly and the natural ingredients means the smell is quite nice.

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