5 Easy Ways To Keep Active As You Age

Why is daily exercise so important as you age?

As we get older, movement becomes more of a struggle. Whether it’s due to joint pain, muscle pain or other underlying health issues. But it is more important than ever to get your 30 minutes of daily exercise in, as regular exercise has incredible health benefits.

Daily exercise can help improve overall heart health and circulation, decrease your chances of muscle atrophy and disease, boost mental health, increase energy levels, and so much more.

In this article we will be outlining 5 fun new ways for you to get moving, give one a try today!


Pilates is a popular, low impact exercise that focuses on building core stability, strength, flexibility, balance, and a mind body connection all at once. Pilates can be done one on one for people with less mobility or in a class environment for added social engagement.

Pilates is especially good for seniors as it is easy on joints and has a limited risk of injury. Also, with its focus on balance and core stability you’ll be able to avoid falls and walk more surely after each session.


This one may seem obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked! Walking is easy on sore joints and excellent for cardiovascular health.

Taking a walk every day is an easy, low impact way to add exercise into your daily routine without the fuss. Enjoy some time to yourself while walking around the neighbourhood or take a stroll with visiting family and friends.

Water Aerobics

Head to your local pool for a group, Water Aerobics class! Water Aerobics is great for enhancing balance and coordination as the water adds a supportive element that takes the risk of falling out of your workout.

The added resistance from the water makes Water Aerobics an excellent way to kick start your metabolism and burn calories without putting undue pressure on sore joints and muscles. Water Aerobics also offers a relaxed environment to socialise in each week.

Resistant Band Workouts

Resistance Bands are becoming more popular with older adults as they are easy to use at home and cost effective. Once you have a few exercises down, they can be used as a full body workout.

Resistance Bands work to strengthen your muscles and help improve posture, mobility, and balance.


Put on your favourite tune and sway to the beat! Dancing is a gentle, painless, and most importantly… fun way to get moving each day.

There are more benefits to dancing then you’d think; It is low impact as far as cardio goes but is still at an activity level that has amazing cardiovascular benefits. So, you can get your heart rate up without putting pressure on sore joints and muscles.

Dance with a lucky partner or boogie to your own tune to help improve energy levels, strength, endurance, and bone health.


Get up and moving with Perskindol and see the benefits for yourself. We know it can be hard to get started, but by utilising Perskindol before your workouts you’ll be able to warm up stiff or sore muscles to make the transition into regular movement that much easier.

Daily movement is so important for all ages but even more so as our years advance. There is an option for everyone, you just have to find the right one for you!

Don’t forget to use Perskindol after your workout to promote speedy muscle recovery as you ease back into movement.