Unique Dual Action

PERSKINDOL cools immediately on application, and quickly heats and soothes as it is massaged into skin.

Powerful Essential Oils

PERSKINDOL is an effective pain reliever with plant based essential oils such as Levomenthol, Wintergreen and Lemon Oil.

Absorbs Quickly

PERSKINDOL is easy to apply and penetrates rapidly, without leaving your skin feeling greasy.


What is Perskindol?

Iconic Swiss Pain Relief

PERSKINDOL has over 40 years of heritage in Swizterland, where it is the #1 Non-medicated topical pain relief product. PERSKINDOL is now available in over 30 countries globally, with a pack of PERSKINDOL sold globally every 6 seconds.

PERSKINDOL provides effective pain relief without the use of chemical or medical actives, which means it does not interfere with any medication and can be used as frequently as needed. It can also be used by Children from the age of 6.

Pain will be relieved in as little as 15 minutes and will last for 5-6 hours.

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WOW! Love the no mess, no fuss ease of the spray. I suffer from oedema as a result of scar tissue on my legs and this product is the only thing that has worked. My legs no longer ache at night! The only problem I have is not having come across this amazing spray sooner

Melissa Huizer

This is my go-to for niggles or pain after a gym workout or running session. I recommend to friends, family and now even have my physio stocking it! Can highly recommend!

Chelsea Simpson

I love the active gel. Perfect for taking the edge off post workout soreness or to get the legs moving the day after a run. It's not greasy and the smell is so much less offensive than other products like it.

Andrew L

Been using this product now for both a marathon and half marathon build. Its hands down kept my body going, and kept niggles at bay. Non greasy product that I highly recommend to any athlete. Well done team.

Mannie Sharpe

I love the ease of application with this product. I also much rather the smell of this over other products on the market. Perskindol bringing home the goods again!

Chelsea Simpson

My wife steals my magic spray from me all the time. She uses it most nights to soothe chronic back pain. The spray gets better coverage for large areas than the gel. It dries really quickly and the natural ingredients means the smell is quite nice.

Andrew L

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