Taking Care of Your Neck Pain

Do you suffer neck pain?

A sore or stiff neck can significantly disrupt your life as it can often impair mobility, making it nearly impossible to do everyday tasks. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Neck pain is an extremely common ailment that most people will experience in their life.

This is partly because there are so many ways you can injure your neck:

  • poor posture while working on a computer,
  • sleeping in a bad position,
  • whiplash from car accidents or any other jarring impact,
  • contact sports or excessive exercise etc.

Your neck is a very vulnerable area that needs extra care. The tips in this article aim to help you not only prevent neck injury but reduce any pain you may already have. Neck pain can be exactly that… a pain in your neck!

Stretch it out

Stretch regularly after a long day at work as a sedentary worker or if you notice your neck beginning to feel stiff or uncomfortable.

  • Tilt your head backwards and forwards gently 10 times
  • Roll your shoulders up and backward 10 times
  • Bring your ear down gently towards your shoulder 10 times on each side

Take a break

Do you work at a desk? Make sure you are getting up and moving once an hour while at work to reduce stiffness and relieve pain.

Adjust your sleeping position

Wake up well rested and pain-free each day with these easy steps:

  • Check your pillows – make sure your head is as level as possible with your spine
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach – this puts your neck on an acute angle for long periods of time.
  • Apply Perskindol before sleeping to reduce both pain and stiffness

Gentle Massage

Have a partner or family member gently massage sore or stiff areas. Ask them to apply Perskindol during the massage for added relief.

A sore neck can become worse if immobilised for too long so make sure you keep up easy movements throughout the day. Be careful to avoid activities that involve any jerking movements.

Apply Perskindol Daily

Utilise one of our three essential oil based, paraben free treatment options daily while pain persists to reduce inflammation, pain, and improve mobility. Perskindol can also help reduce stiffness and warm up the muscle before excessive activity making injury from sudden jarring less likely.