Iconic Swiss Pain Relief

#1 non-medicated topical pain relief in Switzerland

PERSKINDOL has been trusted by the people of Switzerland for 40 years, and has expanded to many markets across the world. A pack of Perskindol is sold globally every 6 seconds.

PERSKINDOL was first developed by a successful Swiss Tennis Player, who developed the formulation to help him warm-up, and recover from, his competitive games. He decided on the name Per-Skin-dol, which roughly translates to “For application – on the Skin – for Pain”. Due to the unique blend of Essential Oils in the formula, PERSKINDOL has a pleasant, calming scent.

PERSKINDOL provides effective pain relief without the use of Chemical or Medical actives, which means it does not interfere with any medication and can be used as frequently as needed. It can also be used by Children from the age of 6.

Unique Dual Action

PERSKINDOL cools immediately on application, and quickly heats and soothes as it is massaged into skin.

Powerful Essential Oils

PERSKINDOL is an effective pain reliever with plant based essential oils such as Levomenthol, Wintergreen and Lemon Oil.

Arnica Free

Unlike most other plant based pain relievers, PERSKINDOL does not contain Arnica. Arnica may not be suitable for patients on some blood thinning medications.

Absorbs Quickly

PERSKINDOL is easy to apply and penetrates rapidly, without leaving your skin feeling greasy.

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