The Benefits and Limitations of Ice Baths

What is an Ice Bath?

Ice Bath’s are exactly how they sound – very, very cold baths.

Taking Ice Baths are a form of cold therapy regularly used by athletes after over-exerting themselves but there are host of other potential benefits that come from regular cold immersion.

Ice Baths are created by adding bags of ice to a bath filled with water to bring the temperature down to around 10 degrees Celsius. You are not in the bath for long, usually between 2-5 minutes is optimal.

People who practice Ice Baths religiously often purchase a chest fridge or freezer that they fill with water, so they are able to start each day in the ice without purchasing bags each time.

It can be daunting at first but your body climatises to the shock (eventually) and the benefits can be astounding.

Benefits of Ice Baths

Ice baths or cold immersion therapy are known to help people both physically and mentally.

A Serotonin Boost (the happy chemical)

  • Many people avidly partake for the emotive benefits alone as cold therapy is knowns to release serotonin.
  • Serotonin plays an important role in:
    • Reducing depression
    • Regulating anxiety
    • Speeding up healing
    • Maintaining bone health
    • Healthy sleeping patterns
    • And more!

Eases Sour Muscles

  • This one may be the most common use for Ice Baths.
    • Athletes often hop into an ice bath after an intense workout or strenuous activity to ease muscle pain and help promote recovery.
  • After your Ice Bath, apply Perskindol to sore muscles to help ease muscles and aches further after strenuous activity.

May Increase Focus

  • Some people find that the cold shocks your mind into focus increasing clarity of thought and critical thinking ability.
  • In turn, Ice Baths are often practiced to help increase energy levels.
    • Avid practisers choose a dip in the ice over a morning coffee!

Helps Reduce Inflammation

  • Some people with chronic inflammation find relief from treating their pain with ice baths.
    • The ice restricts your blood vessels which can help treat swelling caused by excess inflammation.

Risks and Limitations of Ice Baths

Although Ice Baths are used as a natural remedy, there are a few people that should avoid the chill!

We advise anyone wanting to try Ice Baths for the first time do so under the supervision of a professional or to discuss the possible risks with a medical professional prior.

If you have any of the below ailments or conditions, it is advised you avoid Ice Baths as they could cause a negative reaction.

  • Heart Disease
  • Poor Circulation
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Venous Stasis
  • Cold Agglutinin disease
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

It is also important to note that Ice baths are not for everyone!

Some people sing the benefits of regular dips into the ice and others cannot get past the cold to find it enjoyable in anyway.

To Sum Up...

Ice Bath’s can have numerous positive effects on your mental and physical health, before jumping in make sure you consult medical professional or book your first Ice Bath with a licensed professional.

If you are using an Ice Bath to relieve sore muscles and joints or after strenuous exercise, apply Perskindol after to ensure lasting relief.